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Serious Injury

We advocate for people injured in motor vehicle accidents, harmed by unsafe products, and damaged as a result of negligence.

Protecting Your Rights After A Texas Motorcycle Accident

When drivers fail to see motorcycles on the road, the motorcyclist pays the price. Unfortunately, many bikers are injured a second time when the driver and their insurance company fail to take responsibility for the damage they caused.

At Carpenter & Schumacher, P.C., our lawyers have the experience to obtain favorable outcomes for injured bikers. With offices in Plano , we represent motorcyclists in Dallas-Fort Worth and throughout West Texas. We also represent family members in cases of wrongful death in motorcycle accidents. Call 972-403-1133 for a free case evaluation.

Making Careless Drivers And Their Insurance Companies Pay

Many people view motorcyclists as risk takers. In the aftermath of an accident, it’s common for drivers to blame the person on the motorcycle for driving recklessly, even when there was nothing the motorcyclist could have done to avoid the accident.

Many motorcycle accidents are caused by the negligence of others, such as:

  • Debris left on the roadway
  • Drivers who fail to yield to motorcycles at intersections
  • Drivers who pull out in front of motorcycles
  • Drivers who sideswipe motorcycles
  • Safety defects in the bike

Our attorneys are highly experienced at recovering compensation from all parties who may be responsible for an accident. We are willing and able to try cases if the insurance company is not willing to pay. Contact us as soon as possible after an accident so we can collect and preserve the evidence such as skid marks, vehicle damage and witness statements.

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