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Serious Injury

We advocate for people injured in motor vehicle accidents, harmed by unsafe products, and damaged as a result of negligence.

Lawyers For Injured Construction Workers

For a construction worker, a serious injury can do more than keep you out of work for a few weeks or months. It can threaten your career and your ability to support your family.

While Texas workers’ compensation will pay medical and wage-loss benefits for injuries suffered in a work-related accident, those benefits will not be enough to keep you whole financially. Workers’ compensation pays a maximum of two-thirds of your lost wages. In addition, workers’ compensation pays nothing at all for noneconomic losses such as pain and suffering.

If your injury was caused by someone else’s negligence, you may have the right to seek additional compensation from the civil justice system. The lawyers at Carpenter & Schumacher, P.C., have a collective 75 years of experience helping injured people recover compensation for their losses.

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Can I Sue My Employer?

While employers are generally protected from being sued by employees for injuries sustained on the job, many others (known as third parties) are not. Here are examples of third parties who may be liable for your injuries:

  • Property owners
  • Employees of other contractors working on the same site
  • Other drivers in motor vehicle accidents
  • Manufacturers of unsafe products used in the construction industry
  • Suppliers
  • Operators of cranes and other equipment

Filing a civil claim against the negligent party would allow you to collect compensation for losses not covered by workers’ compensation.

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