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Serious Injury

We advocate for people injured in motor vehicle accidents, harmed by unsafe products, and damaged as a result of negligence.

Represent Burn And Explosion Injury Victims

Fires and explosions often are not just accidents. They are the result of negligence such as an unsafe product or failure to follow codes when installing electrical equipment. Identifying the cause of the fire or explosion is the first step in obtaining compensation for the victims.

The lawyers at Carpenter & Schumacher, P.C., have a collective 75 years of experience handling all sorts of cases where either a fire or explosion has caused injury, property damage and/or death. If you or your family has suffered burn injuries or death due to a fire or explosion, you won’t find a more knowledgeable firm to handle your case. With offices in Plano , we represent individuals and families in Dallas-Fort Worth and throughout West Texas. Call 972-403-1133 for a free case evaluation.

Collecting And Preserving Evidence

If you have suffered an injury or property loss from a fire or explosion, it is important to retain an attorney who can act quickly on your behalf and preserve your claim against the responsible party. As soon as you retain our law firm to represent you, our lawyers will take steps to preserve the fire scene in its immediate post-fire or explosion condition in order to allow for a prompt and proper processing of the scene.

Our experts know our standards are high when it comes to preserving and processing fire scenes. If it’s not done correctly, the value of your case can suffer. We know the importance of being at the scene within hours of the fire, and preserving all fire artifacts and evidence that will be critical to the successful prosecution of your case.

Our lawyers are dealing with fires and explosions caused by:

  • Code violations
  • Electrical, mechanical and sprinkler system failures
  • Improper work or materials in natural gas or propane supply lines
  • Defective consumer products that cause fires and explosions
  • Auto defects such as defective gas lines or tanks
  • Use of improper materials

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