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Class Action Lawsuits

We file class actions against companies that have defrauded or misled consumers, or who have sold unsafe products.

Class Action Attorneys

Class action cases are serious matters filed against companies who have defrauded or misled consumers or who have neglected their obligation to the public to provide safe products for their use. Our Class Action attorneys are committed to holding companies liable and to exceeding our clients’ expectations.

At Carpenter & Schumacher, P.C. , our Class Action lawyers are prepared to take on the largest manufacturers and companies in the nation to ensure our clients’ receive the benefit of the bargain with these companies. Since 2004, our Class Action attorneys have fought consumer fraud, deceptive advertising, defective products, and physical injuries, all resulting when companies across the nation lose sight of what is right, and place profit and greed ahead of safety. Sample Class Action cases include deliberate fraud, racketeering, and negligence resulting from careless oversight and greed by manufacturers. Class Action claims disrupt the lives of our clients. It is our duty as knowledgeable, experienced, and skilled Class Action attorneys to right the wrongs committed against our clients, whether for money or equitable reasons. Our Class Action lawyers strive to provide first class representation.

Each Class Action attorney in our firm is sincere about protecting consumers from overzealous manufacturers and companies. Make no mistake about it, defective products resulting in injury or death cause catastrophic and life changing emotional harm. When companies and manufacturers start placing their own greed and desire to maximize profits for shareholders or executives, safety and quality assurance fall victim. Through the filing of both State and National Class Actions, we make sure these same manufacturers do not lose sight of what their corporate goals should be – designing and manufacturing safe products for the public to use. Manufacturers who possess knowledge about defects in products they sell to the public should be held criminally responsible for all injuries and deaths flowing from this prior knowledge.

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