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Judgment Debtor: PORCELANA CORONA DE MEXICO (aka “Vortens”)

Release Date: June 8, 2020

ON May 13, 2020, U.S. District Judge Amos L. Mazzant III issued his Amended Final Order and Judgment wherein he awarded Class Counsel $4,333,949.50 in attorneys’ fees and $371,354.98 in litigation expenses, for a total Judgment of $4,705,304.48 (plus post-judgment interest). Class Counsel had asked for roughly $13 million (as claimed by Defendant’s counsel). The Final Judgment and award of fees and costs comes after more than three years of contentious, and highly risky litigation involving complex product manufacturing defect issues, all of which Porcelana denied.

Defendant is a multi-national company who, shortly after Plaintiffs filed their case in January, 2017, withdrew their corporate charter in Texas and fled back to Mexico. Despite Defendants’ attempts to shed the lawsuit and to hide from individually filed claims made by consumers across the country, Defendants finally settled and agreed to a nationwide Class (nonsensically referred to by Defense counsel as a no-geographic limitation class). “Consumers across the country are finally receiving compensation for defective toilet tanks knowingly sold by Defendant in Texas and across the country”, says Class Counsel, N. Scott Carpenter. “Porcelana, and its predecessor, Lamosa, worked hard to deflect blame for the pain and damage they inflicted on unsuspecting consumers across the country, but Plaintiffs and their counsel continued digging and pressing until Porcelana relinquished and settled, having no other place to hide”, Carpenter continued.

Had Class Counsel not achieved the settlements there would remain a significant risk that consumers all across the country may have recovered less or nothing from defendants. Payments to Class Members range from $35 – $4,000, paid in cash. Consumers with claims for property damages should visit the settlement website at for more information and to IMMEDIATELY file their claims. “We continue to encourage all consumers who own these defective tanks to make their claim for these cash payments”, says Carpenter. “There is money available through these settlements and we hope that consumers nationwide will file their claims.”

Manufacturers who choose to make defective products and to sell them to unsuspecting U.S. consumers should always be made to pay, and that is what Porcelana was made to do through this lawsuit.

The Carpenter & Schumacher attorneys will continue to do what is necessary to protect consumers from bad products.


Time to check your toilet. You may be able to collect up to $4,000. KPRC 2 first reported the defective Vortens toilets in 2016.

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