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5 apps that can help brain injury patients

On Behalf of | Feb 25, 2019 | Firm News

A traumatic brain injury is a common consequence of motor vehicle accidents. If you or a loved one suffer from brain damage because of a car accident, you may have concerns about recovery. Of course, the most vital aspect of recovering from a TBI is following your doctor’s treatment instructions.

There are many tools and strategies for TBI rehabilitation, thanks to technology. In fact, several mobile apps can help TBI patients regain control of their lives. Here are a few apps that can assist TBI patients with everyday tasks.

1. Lumosity (Apple and Android)

This app has numerous brain games that help with:

  • Memory
  • Speed
  • Attention
  • Problem-solving
  • Flexibility

There is plenty of content specifically for TBI rehabilitation. Users can access various courses and even design their own training. One of the best features is the exercises adapt to how the user performs, which helps patients challenge themselves.

2. Brain Synch (Apple)

The Brain Synch app features four games designed after proven brain therapies. Users can complete tasks by tracing lines, matching shapes and finding patterns. There are both fast and slow games. Patients can adjust the difficulty of play.

3. Flashcards Deluxe (Apple and Android)

Brain injuries can significantly impair memory, so flashcards can be useful in the rehabilitation process. Physical flashcards are not necessary. Patients can utilize Flashcards Deluxe to memorize pictures, sounds and words.

4. Breathe2Relax (Apple and Android)

Dealing with a brain injury can come with a variety of emotional and behavioral effects. This stress management app helps patients learn breathing techniques for anxiety management and mood stabilization.

5. Quick Talk AAC (Apple and Android)

Brain damage can impact the ability to speak. Thankfully, this assistive technology app helps patients struggling with verbalization to communicate.

The consequences of a car crash can be catastrophic. Thankfully, plenty of strategies exist to help brain injury patients regain control of their life.