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Passengers injured in Uber accidents can seek compensation

On Behalf of | Aug 21, 2017 | Car Accidents

You are ready to head out for the evening. You plan to go downtown and have fun. The last thing you want to worry about is finding a place to park and driving home. You consider your options and decide to book a ride to your destination through a ride-share application. You check your phone and find a decent Uber option. You click to book the ride and wait for the car to arrive.

You use the application for its convenience. As a paying customer, you expect that your driver will get you to your destination safely. Still, accidents can happen.

When accidents happen

If your driver gets in an accident, you should look at safety first. Act as you would in any accident scenario. Check to see if all parties involved are okay. If not, someone should call 911. The drivers should move their cars out of traffic if it is safe and they are able to do so. You will want to communicate with your driver and coordinate efforts to ensure safety. Once safety measures have been taken, your driver should contact Uber to notify them of the accident. You may want to notify Uber as well. State that you are a passenger during the accident. You will want to also make sure you get all of your driver’s information. Have their contact information and ask for their insurance information.

How insurance works

Uber carries an insurance policy. Whether the plan will give compensation is based on a few different elements. Think of your Uber driver as contractor for the company, not an employee. Your Uber driver should have their own personal insurance plan in place, and hopefully have one that covers their work as a driver. The insurance policy held by Uber may cover you as a passenger if you are injured. However, this coverage may be secondary to the personal insurance policy held by the Uber driver. In the event that the accident was caused by another vehicle, it is likely that the driver of the other vehicle would be liable for both you and your Uber driver’s injuries and damages.

The factors Uber considers

The Uber insurance policy looks at three different scenarios when considering compensation. The status of the driver is important. If the driver is listed as not available, their personal policy would be pursued for coverage. If a driver is listed as available, but has no passengers in the vehicle, the driver’s personal insurance would be pursued first, with the potential of additional coverage through Uber’s policy. If the driver is listed as available and has a passenger, both the driver and passenger may be covered under the insurance policy through Uber. Do keep in mind that Uber could deny compensation, so passengers will want to make sure they have adequate contact information for their driver.