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We advocate for people injured in motor vehicle accidents, harmed by unsafe products, and damaged as a result of negligence.

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Keeping your children restrained in your car

This week is National Child Passenger Safety Week, which serves as an important reminder for all parents to ensure that their child is in the proper seating arrangement when they take them out on the road.

A 2017 report published by researchers at Brigham and Women’s Hospital and University of Texas Southwestern Medical Center in Dallas confirmed that the leading causes of child death in the United States are motor vehicle crashes and unintentional injury. While you unfortunately cannot control if a negligent driver hits you on the highway, you can control how safe your child is in the situation. All you need to do is follow these safety trips before you and your kid hit the road.

Precautions pregnant women should take before driving

Between 20 and 50 million people are injured or disabled in a car accident each year. If you’re headed into your second trimester of pregnancy, your risk of being involved in an accident is likely to increase.

While you may need to continue driving, there are a couple precautions you can take to protect you and your child in case an accident occurs.

What counts as distracted driving?

When drivers aren’t focusing their full attention on the road, accidents are bound to happen. In 2016, 109,658 traffic crashes in Texas involved distracted driving.

Despite popular opinion, research shows that multitasking makes us less competent, with some studies suggesting only about 2 percent of the population can multitask successfully.

Texas takes first in drunk driving deaths

While there is much for Texans to be proud of in the Lone Star state, leading the nation in the number of alcohol-related fatalities isn’t one of them. The state surpasses all others and the amount continues to rise every year. Coupled with Texas’ soaring speed limits, the two are a recipe for disaster.

Unfortunately, this results in innocent people being ripped away from their families due to one person’s poor decision. From 2003 to 2012, 13,138 people lost their lives in drunk driving accidents. That’s more than three-quarters of the number of students enrolled at every high school in the city of Plano.

Defensive driving may ensure a safe summertime road trip

For some families, summertime means vacation time as they pack their cars, bring their children and board the dogs for a planned road trip that may take them several states away from their home to visit relatives, national parks, summer cabins, theme parks or just to learn about our country.

It’s a wonderful time to be with your family, learn many things as you explore via our expansive U.S., state and county highway systems. A back-road detour to visit that ideal gift store and oh-so-talked-about pie shop can create more memories.

Common causes for motorcycle accidents

With its long riding season due to pleasant weather, Texas really is motorcycle country. Motorcycle riders can be a common sight on Texas streets, rural roads and highways. For many bikers, nothing beats the freedom of riding in the open air, the sun shining on your skin and the wind blowing through your hair.

But, sometimes, people may forget that riding a motorcycle can be dangerous. Those dangers can be attributed to a variety of reasons including poor weather, inept car drivers, and even you – the motorcycle rider.

What is next for self-driving cars in Texas?

The advent of self-driving cars has left some consumers eager and others leery. The machines could revolutionize the way that Americans commute. But a recent fatal accident caused by a self-driving car that was being used as an Uber has proven a serious roadblock. Many motorists, scientists and legislators are now more skeptical of the technology than ever.

The accident took place in Arizona, one of the 10 cities that was selected as "proving ground" of sorts for self-driving automobiles. Texas is also one of these states. So, what will the future of self-driving cars in Texas look like?

National Association of State Fire Marshals Commissions Household Current Testing on Black-Jacketed CSST

Concerned with the fact that the CSST manufacturers have thus far either refused to conduct testing to determine the impact common household current has on their black-jacketed CSST, or continue to conceal testing they have performed, the National Association of State Fire Marshals (NASFM) recently commissioned its own testing, and the results are exactly what the CSST manufacturers feared.

Specifically, Omega Flex, Inc., Ward Mfg. and Pro-Flex, Inc. are all selling to the unsuspecting public what they claim to be lightning-resistant CSST. What we now know to be true, however, is that these same manufacturers have created a much bigger problem with the introduction into the U.S. marketplace of their semi-conductive, "Black" jacketed CSST gas lines -- black jacketed CSST fails when exposed to common 120V electrical current.

The problem of truck driver fatigue and highway accidents

Semi-truck drivers are often driving cross country with little to no sleep and rest. Why? It may be the result of trucking companies guilty of rigging incentives to promote illegal amounts of non-stop transportation of goods. The endless carrot chase has many drivers sacrificing valuable sleep, while endangering the lives of small vehicle drivers. When roadway accidents occur it carries serious legal consequences along with the overall trauma of the accident.

Safety violations cause vehicle wreckage, injuries and sometimes death when truckers and their companies provoke extreme driving distances without breaks. Unfortunately, this problem is not easy to solve. For many truck drivers, it can be difficult to escape the work-debt trap.

Dollar General hit with $1 mil wrongful death lawsuit

Many shoppers go to the local dollar store expecting a bargain, but one customer in Lufkin got much more than that.

Here is how one man’s trip to the store ended up costing him his life when he came face-to-face with an armed robber.


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