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We advocate for people injured in motor vehicle accidents, harmed by unsafe products, and damaged as a result of negligence.

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Common causes for motorcycle accidents

With its long riding season due to pleasant weather, Texas really is motorcycle country. Motorcycle riders can be a common sight on Texas streets, rural roads and highways. For many bikers, nothing beats the freedom of riding in the open air, the sun shining on your skin and the wind blowing through your hair.

But, sometimes, people may forget that riding a motorcycle can be dangerous. Those dangers can be attributed to a variety of reasons including poor weather, inept car drivers, and even you – the motorcycle rider.

What is next for self-driving cars in Texas?

The advent of self-driving cars has left some consumers eager and others leery. The machines could revolutionize the way that Americans commute. But a recent fatal accident caused by a self-driving car that was being used as an Uber has proven a serious roadblock. Many motorists, scientists and legislators are now more skeptical of the technology than ever.

The accident took place in Arizona, one of the 10 cities that was selected as "proving ground" of sorts for self-driving automobiles. Texas is also one of these states. So, what will the future of self-driving cars in Texas look like?

National Association of State Fire Marshals Commissions Household Current Testing on Black-Jacketed CSST

Concerned with the fact that the CSST manufacturers have thus far either refused to conduct testing to determine the impact common household current has on their black-jacketed CSST, or continue to conceal testing they have performed, the National Association of State Fire Marshals (NASFM) recently commissioned its own testing, and the results are exactly what the CSST manufacturers feared.

Specifically, Omega Flex, Inc., Ward Mfg. and Pro-Flex, Inc. are all selling to the unsuspecting public what they claim to be lightning-resistant CSST. What we now know to be true, however, is that these same manufacturers have created a much bigger problem with the introduction into the U.S. marketplace of their semi-conductive, "Black" jacketed CSST gas lines -- black jacketed CSST fails when exposed to common 120V electrical current.

The problem of truck driver fatigue and highway accidents

Semi-truck drivers are often driving cross country with little to no sleep and rest. Why? It may be the result of trucking companies guilty of rigging incentives to promote illegal amounts of non-stop transportation of goods. The endless carrot chase has many drivers sacrificing valuable sleep, while endangering the lives of small vehicle drivers. When roadway accidents occur it carries serious legal consequences along with the overall trauma of the accident.

Safety violations cause vehicle wreckage, injuries and sometimes death when truckers and their companies provoke extreme driving distances without breaks. Unfortunately, this problem is not easy to solve. For many truck drivers, it can be difficult to escape the work-debt trap.

Dollar General hit with $1 mil wrongful death lawsuit

Many shoppers go to the local dollar store expecting a bargain, but one customer in Lufkin got much more than that.

Here is how one man’s trip to the store ended up costing him his life when he came face-to-face with an armed robber.

Older motorcyclists experience increase in fatal accidents

Motorcycle drivers always must be alert on the road as they face a number of hazards.

Such perils include the fact that they can be less visible while driving and the possibility of encountering distracted or irresponsible automobile drivers out on the roads. Some particularly significant safety concerns can come up for older motorcyclists. In 2016, motorcyclists age 60 and older died at a higher rate than other motorcycle riders.

Will the new texting while driving ban reduce accidents?

In September, the new texting while driving law took effect in Texas, banning the use of a wireless communications device for electronic messaging while operating a motor vehicle. This includes texting and reading or writing email.

Because the law defines prohibited use as “electronic messaging,” other means of distraction such as Facebook, Facebook Messenger, Twitter and other social media applications appear to be covered under restricted activity.

Have you had your faulty Takata airbag repaired or replaced?

An independent monitor for the massive Takata airbag recall recently released a progress report. Of the 43 million airbag inflators currently under recall, fully 25 million still hadn't been repaired as of mid-September.

That's 64 percent still unrepaired, and this is only the first phase of recalls. By the end of 2018, the recall will swell to include some 65 million inflators.

Keeping your kids safe from traffic in school zones

School zones are high-traffic areas. Buses are loading and unloading, parents are picking up and dropping off, students are flooding the sidewalks and crosswalks. The chaos and confusion create a recipe for accidents - and children are frequently the victims. In 2015 alone, nearly 300 teens were hit and killed by cars while walking, according to Safe Kids Worldwide.

Texas is among the top ten worst states for traffic accidents in school zones. What's more, three of the five most dangerous school zones nationwide are in our state.

Passengers injured in Uber accidents can seek compensation

You are ready to head out for the evening. You plan to go downtown and have fun. The last thing you want to worry about is finding a place to park and driving home. You consider your options and decide to book a ride to your destination through a ride-share application. You check your phone and find a decent Uber option. You click to book the ride and wait for the car to arrive.

You use the application for its convenience. As a paying customer, you expect that your driver will get you to your destination safely. Still, accidents can happen.


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