On September 23, 2014, and after more than a decade of defending cases filed across the United States, Titeflex has agreed to cease distributing its “Yellow CSST” product in the United States.

Starting in November, 2014, Titeflex will cease all distribution of its yellow CSST product in its South Central Region, including Texas. According to Titeflex, it has begun contacting distributors, through Titeflex regional sales managers, to develop a plan including inventory assessment and dates for “last shipments of yellow CSST.”

“I commend Titeflex for doing the right thing as it concerns removing its yellow CSST product from the United States marketplace,” stated N. Scott Carpenter. “Our law firm has been fighting for change like this to occur for over a decade now, added Carpenter. Unfortunately, attention should be paid at the local and national level towards changing the codes and standards related to yellow CSST.” Unless this is done, those homeowners (Legacy installations) will continue to be exposed to possible fires and/or explosions caused by perforations in the wall of the CSST due to electrical current from lightning and normal household electrical systems,” according to Carpenter.

The letter on Gastite’s website can be found here

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