The Firm

Simply, the goal of the attorneys and staff at Carpenter & Schumacher, P.C. law firm is to exceed our clients’ expectations, day in and day out. Since 1995, we have been, and continue to be, one of the most aggressive, creative, and successful boutique law firms in Texas. The principals at the firm recognized early on that our clients expected that the legal representation offered by the firm’s attorneys would be aggressive in all respects, whether it be through litigation or discussions about resolving our clients’ claims. We take tremendous pride in the services we offer our clients, and take our responsibility as our clients’ legal advocates very seriously. Because we hold ourselves to a high standard of legal representation, we pride ourselves on being accessible to you, always prompt in responding to your questions and concerns, and ready to address your needs as our client. We know of no better way to represent you. We will deliver on our promise to exceed your expectations as our client.

We know of no other way to address the wrong committed against you or your family.

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