We handle a broad range of accident injury claims, including:
  • Property loss subrogation: Our property attorneys handle a wide-array of property damage claims, from auto defect cases to large catastrophic fire and other casualty claims. We utilize only the best fire investigators and engineers to work up and prove liability.

  • Products liability subrogation: Our attorneys have many years of experience in handling subrogation cases involving defective products. We have vast experience handling cases against major auto makers, including Ford and GM, China manufacturers, products with known defects that cause fires, construction products such as CSST, foam insulation, and non-IC can lights, and common household appliances such as coffee makers, toasters, lamps, and line cords, as well as kids’ toys such as battery-powered vehicles.

  • Fire and explosion subrogation: The property attorneys at the firm have a combined 66 years of experience handling subrogation cases involving losses caused by fires and explosions. It’s these cases that require experienced and proven subrogation counsel that know how to preserve and protect a fire scene for proper post-loss processing. We are the best and hire only the best experts to assist our clients with protecting sensitive evidence crucial to a successful recovery.

  • CSST Litigation: Corrugated Stainless Steel Tubing (CSST) is used to supply natural gas and propane in homes, schools, hospitals, commercial and industrial buildings. CSST is an extremely thin-walled piping system that can be routed beneath, through and alongside the basement joists, inside the interior wall cavity or through attic spaces. However, the thinness of the tubing wall makes it susceptible to damage from direct and in-direct lightning strikes to the structure where it is used. Unlike black iron pipe, which easily withstands the affects of lightning, CSST wall thickness is readily breached when arching occurs. The attorneys at Carpenter & Schumacher have been representing multiple national and regional insurance companies since 1995, and have handled cases for those same clients who have experienced insurance losses attributable to CSST failures since 2003.

  • Auto accident subrogation: Our auto subrogation attorneys aggressively pursue 100% recoveries against at-fault drivers utilizing favorable police reports and solid damages. If you are a driver who causes our clients’ damages, you and/or your insurance company will reimburse our clients for all damages incurred.

When a catastrophe occurs, let the attorneys at Carpenter & Schumacher, P.C. provide you the best representation possible. Maximizing your recovery depends on it.

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