Fire and Explosion Litigation

Fire and explosion cases involve unique circumstances that require attorneys who are well-trained and knowledgeable. The lawyers at Carpenter & Schumacher, P.C. have a collective 40 years of experience handling all sorts of cases where either a fire or explosion has caused injury, property damage, and/or death. If you or your family has suffered injury or death due to a fire or explosion, you won’t find a more knowledgeable firm to handle your case.

One key to successfully prosecuting and recovering damages in a fire or explosion case is preserving the fire scene in its immediate post-fire/explosion condition in order to allow for a prompt and proper processing of the fire/explosion scene. Our team of experts know our standards are high when it comes to preserving and processing fire scenes. If it’s not done correctly, the value of your case can suffer. They know the importance of being at the scene within hours of the fire, and preserving all fire artifacts and evidence that will be critical to the successful prosecution of your case.

Our fire and explosion attorneys in Dallas, Texas can assist with the following:

  • Code compliance
  • Electrical, mechanical and sprinkler system failures
  • Fire and explosion spread theories
  • Retention and dispatching the proper experienced experts
  • Preserving and protecting for full evaluation all evidence

The attorneys and staff at Carpenter & Schumacher, P.C. have more than 75 years of combined experience in handling fire and explosion litigation, and will provide you the best representation on your case.

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