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The Law Firm of Carpenter & Schumacher, PC (Dallas, Texas) is proud to announce that they were recently selected as national subrogation counsel by a major national insurance company to handle CSST related product defect cases. Carpenter & Schumacher was chosen because of their expertise and experience handling CSST related cases. The firm will facilitate a consistent approach with these cases on a national basis including investigating and litigating cases against the various product manufacturers across the southern half of the United States.

In our role as national counsel, the firm will handle all subrogation losses involving product defect claims where Corrugated Stainless Steel Tubing (known as CSST) has been identified as being linked to causing fires and explosions in homes and businesses across the United States. “Our firm has been prosecuting CSST litigation against the CSST manufacturers since 2003”, says Carpenter, Managing Partner for the firm.” “CSST is a deadly and dangerous product that carries volatile gas throughout a structure, whether it be in your home or business.”

The manufacturers of the product have known since as early as 1998 that their thin-walled gas tubing was susceptible to being punctured by high voltage electricity produced by lightning. In fact, two of the manufacturers have developed safer designs to their original CSST products to specifically address the issue of lightning-induced CSST failures. Carpenter discovered that one manufacturer, Titeflex Corporation, set aside $100 million to pay for subrogation claims directly related to failures of their Gastite CSST product. “Instead of setting aside money to fix the problem that exists in legacy or past installations, Titeflex, and its parent company, Smiths Group, PLC (a London based company) instead chose to set aside money to pay for future claims”, Carpenter added. “It really is a business model that nearly mirrors the model deployed by Ford in the 1970’s when Ford set aside money to pay personal injury claims related to fuel tank issues in the Ford manufactured Pinto automobiles.” “It is very unfortunate for homeowners across the country when a product manufacturer decides to allocate money to pay claims rather than to fix the problem,” states Carpenter.

With the naming of Carpenter & Schumacher as national subrogation counsel in all CSST related claims, we will continue to push for change at all levels, including with local and national code organizations such as the National Fire Protection Association (NFPA), legislatures in Texas and other States, and Fire Marshals, including the Texas State Fire Marshal and the National Association of State Fire Marshals (NASFM). “Home and business owners in Texas and across the country, as well as key government officials, deserve to know the truth about this dangerous product”, added Carpenter.

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