Auto Accident Subrogation

Each year there are more than 7 million automobile accidents in the United States. Unfortunately, with the rising number of technologically advanced motor vehicles on the road this year, automobile accidents are more complex and diverse than ever before. An insurer who has paid out a loss that is not its policyholder’s fault, has the legal right to recover compensation from any responsible third party. However, subrogation can be a grueling and complicated process, especially when faced with severe injuries and financial burdens at the same time.

Our auto subrogation attorneys in Dallas, Texas conduct detailed investigations into all aspects of accidents, claims, and post-judgment settlements. We identify at-fault drivers and uninsured motorists on behalf of our insurance subrogation clients in order to minimize insurer losses.

If you are a driver who causes our clients’ damages, you and/or your insurance company will reimburse our clients for all damages incurred. Our auto subrogation lawyers in Dallas, Texas have extensive knowledge working with, among other things:

  • Automobile collisions and personal injury
  • Truck and large machinery accidents
  • Police reports, hospital records, solid damages, and other available information to ensure the proper resolution of a claim
  • Uninsured drivers and license suspension
  • Car and Truck fires

Carpenter & Schumacher, PC has been aggressively pursuing 100% recoveries against at-fault drivers and helping large, national insurance carriers with auto insurance subrogation since 1995. It is important that you retain an experienced auto subrogation lawyer who can act quickly on your behalf and preserve your claim against the responsible party. If you are an insurance subrogation company and have paid out a claim, we invite you to contact us to learn more about how our attorneys and experts can investigate your subrogation potential against a third-party. For more info, call us at (972) 403-1133.

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